Silvering of teeth

Table of contents
  1. What is the silvering of teeth in children?
  2. How are children's teeth silvered?
  3. Why don't we recommend silvering?
  4. How to protect teeth from caries and not to carry out silvering?

It is absolutely necessary to monitor children's teeth. They require increased attention. Baby teeth are very fragile and thin, which means that caries develops on them quickly.

If the child has even a small dark spot on the enamel, it is worth contacting the dentist immediately. In this article, we will consider ways to eliminate and prevent caries in children. To begin with, let's figure out: why is it so important to preserve the health of baby teeth?

  • To protect the molars. If treatment is not carried out in time, caries will affect the rudiments of permanent teeth, which will prevent their full development.
  • For proper bite. If, due to a severe caries lesion, the baby teeth are removed, then the neighboring ones will begin to shift in their place and the molars will grow unevenly.
  • For the health of the baby. Early loss of baby teeth makes it much more difficult to chew food, so the child has problems with the digestive system.

To help their baby, many parents choose the silvering of baby teeth.
However, this procedure is ineffective and even dangerous. Let's find out what it assumes and what it is needed for.

What is the silvering of teeth in children?

This is the application of silver to the areas affected by caries. Why this particular metal?
Because silver has an antiseptic effect. When the substance is covered with teeth, a film appears, which prevents the development of caries. But in most cases it doesn't help.

Dental treatment is carried out only when the infection is at an early stage — only small white or dark spots are visible on the enamel. If the caries has already penetrated into the depth of the tooth, has passed into the middle and deep stage, then silvering is not carried out.

How are children's teeth silvered?

Before silvering, the enamel is inspected and thoroughly cleaned of plaque. Then the doctor applies the solution to the child's teeth, which makes them darken. The procedure should be repeated after a few days, and then carried out every six months, in some cases more often. That's because the film breaks down over time.

With the help of a coating, it is impossible to cure caries, you can only stop its development.
Teeth silvering is considered an outdated technique, which has significant drawbacks

Why don't we recommend silvering?

  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the baby's teeth, and this, in turn, can scare him and complicate the task for the dentist.
  • The color of the enamel after silvering varies greatly. It becomes very dark, even black, which affects the mood of the child. He begins to be ashamed of his unsightly smile and hides it when communicating with peers.
  • With the help of the coating, deep caries cannot be eliminated, only minor affected areas can be silvered. If you apply the technique in advanced cases, it will greatly harm the teeth.
  • When processing teeth, the substance can get on the gum — itching, redness or burn occurs in this place.
  • An allergic reaction to the drug is possible.

Should the child's teeth be silvered or not? Specialists of the Medline clinic do not recommend using such a procedure and do not use it in their work. Doctors prefer modern methods of caries prevention and carry out effective preventive procedures so that children's teeth are always healthy.

How to protect teeth from caries and not to carry out silvering?

  • Fluoridation and remineralization
    These are gentle procedures for saturation of enamel with fluoride and calcium. The doctor carefully applies a drug or gel to the teeth, which makes them stronger and reduces sensitivity. Unlike silvering, strengthening teeth makes the enamel lighter.
  • Sealing of fissures
    Children's chewing teeth have many deep cavities in which plaque accumulates. As a result, caries can quickly appear there. To prevent this, the specialist fills all the irregularities with a safe sealant.
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